Extruded Community

Extruded Community

Munjeong One-room Public Rental Housing

Munjeong public rental housing is the project for embracing a street and opening to the city. Taking into account its narrow and long rectangular form, we lifted up the entire building to  secure a parking and a pathway for pedestrian, and designed deeply penetrating “sharing space” which connects the inside and outside of the site, by allocating community facilities at both ends, along the pathway. (public laundry room at 2nd floor by the street facing the north side, and community centre at 1st floor by the southern pocket garden facing surrounding buildings)

This layout allows more opened space organization to be built, differentiating from prevailing typical urban low house block characterized as being blocked by its expressionless sidewall and a dead end, and it helps maintain functions of an access route and small kitchen garden which local residents used to use in the southern adjacent site.

Furthermore, we were able to activate and extend the “sharing space” vertically, by superposing several types of pathways and corridors, such as a community deck facing a public laundry room on the 2nd floor, thereby making it embrace a three-dimensional street inside. Actullay, the supoposition was intended to make both residents and neighbors perceive and access the community spaces much more easily.

While, Munjeong public rental housing is the project for disclosing sections of life and room for life out of maximized spatial efficiency. Considering the economic feasibility and sociality required for a public rental housing, we approached the project to secure more effiecient space and the greater publicness as far as possible. For this, we have chosen Rahmen construction to increase spatial flexibility for extension or renovation, and developed spatial devices to remove dead space or to utilze leftover space for a storage or something else. On the other hand, we have characterized an entire sharing space by a specific theme on each floor in an attempt to devise a distinctive collective form.

A community centre and a pocket garden on the 1st floor, a public laundry room and a community deck on the 2nd floor, a transparent storage wall on the 2nd and 3rd floor, which displays a resident’s individual lifestyle, a sharing terrace on the 4th floor, and an attic and a roof terrace on the 5th floor are designed. These spaces allow an attractive and relaxed expression on the tight volume, by making room for something else on the outer boundary of the compact house units.

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